Skills Session 9/11/17

Updated Monday September 11, 2017 by Mike Rugnetta.

WYS Skills Night



We will run 4 activities, if large numbers of players, we can do multiples of any activity, and rotate player groups through all 4 stations in the hour.  Each station about 12 minutes long.  Water breaks between each station.  Encourage game speed when playing.



  1.  Dribble Tag – pair players up, each has a ball.  Have them number themselves 1 or 2. Tell 1’s to dribble, give them a 2 second head start, then tell #2’s to try to tag them.  Players must always have a ball at their feet when tagging or getting tagged.  Play 1 minute games, then match up winners with winners and non winners with non winners and play again.  Keep score, and see who has the most wins after 5 rounds.  Winner is the person who is not “IT” when time is called.
  2. 2v 1 to cone goals – in a space 10 x 15yds with a 3yd cone goal at the end with single players.  Group of 3 at one end(goal end), 6 at the other end(in pairs), balls at end with single player. Single players passes across to the pair, who attacks the goal in a 2 v 1 situation.  Passing/dribbling decisions to be emphasized.  Rotate one of the 3 person groups every 2-3 minutes, so one group stay on attack for 2 cycles.
  3. Passing square – in a grid 10yds square, even number of players on each corner.  Start with 1 ball, and have players pass it clockwise to the next corner, then go to that corner.  Keep going until they have some rhythm and add in a second or a third ball.  Change directions every couple minutes.  Emphasize to keep on balls of feet(bouncy), touch ball in next direction, play in 1 or 2 touches if possible, communication, next person should be shouting “Play Me!!!” and appear to be ready to receive the ball.
  4. Get Open – 10yd x 5yd grid.  4 players per grid.  1 player at each end of the grid each with a ball.  2 players in the middle of the grid.  1 middle player is on offense, the other defense.  Offensive player in the middle works to get open in the grid to receive a pass from either end player and then back to that same player for a point each time they are successful.  Offensive players should be looking to change direction and lose the defender.  Play 45 seconds and swap outside to inside, then repeat with middle players changing roles.