Week 2

UpdatedTuesday April 10, 2018 byMike Rugnetta.

For Week 2, let's stay on dribbling and ball control.  With the fast rolling turf(as opposed to the bumpy, rocky field at Central), ball control is more important than ever.  The ability for the players to keep the ball close so they can make turns and beat opponents 1 v 1 is crucial.  These games may seem simple, but they can be modified for even experienced players.

Dribble Tag – pair players up, each has a ball.  Have them number themselves 1 or 2. Tell 1’s to dribble, give them a 2 second head start, then tell #2’s to try to tag them.  Players must always have a ball at their feet when tagging or getting tagged.  Play 1 minute games, then match up winners with winners and non winners with non winners and play again.  Keep score, and see who has the most wins after 5 rounds.  Winner is the person who is not “IT” when time is called.

2v 1 to cone goals – in a space 10 x 15yds with a 3yd cone goal at the end with single players.  Group of 3 at one end(goal end), 6 at the other end(in pairs), balls at end with single player. Single players passes across to the pair, who attacks the goal in a 2 v 1 situation.  Passing/dribbling decisions to be emphasized.  Rotate one of the 3 person groups every 2-3 minutes, so one group stay on attack for 2 cycles.

Dribble Square - Small, 5-6 yard square with players divided up equally on all 4 sides, each with a ball.  On coaches ‘GO’, 2 sides dribble across, through each other to other side.  Once space is cleared, other side goes.  Have them keep head up, increase pace each time, and stop giving the ‘go’ after a few times, and let them just go when they figure out the space is cleared.  Make square bigger if needed, depending on ability and number of players.