Kickers (U5) Information

UpdatedTuesday April 2, 2019 byMatthew Cherner.

Ball Size = Size 3

Kickers’ Academy is a division of Weymouth Youth Soccer that was created to introduce our youngest players (U5) to the game of soccer. During sessions we focus on soccer skills through games like freeze tag and keep away, that will get increasingly more challenging as the season goes on. Each session will end with a scrimmage where small groups will play against each other on small fields with pug nets and generally no goalies. The program is meant to give our youngest players a fun introduction to the game where there is no pressure to win. Rather we look to congratulate individual accomplishments in an effort to promote confidence on the soccer field.

We love having parent volunteers for this age group. There is a curriculum that we follow that is made available to all of our coaches. If you feel you would like to help out as a coach, please register as a coach through the website and you will begin to receive the relevant emails. In addition to parent volunteers, we have high school students that help out. We start each session with a "coach" taking a small group to a section of the field where every player has a ball at their feet. They then start with a quick introduction and get moving quickly. We try to keep a low player to coach ratio. It ends up being about 6:1/8:1.

I hope this explanation helps to give you an understanding of what to expect for the upcoming season. I am very excited to work with you and your player.


Your child will play every Saturday for one hour. The Kickers Sessions will be run at two different times and will be published as part of that season's schedule. Your child will be assigned to one of those times,


Your child should wear outdoor cleats and shin guards with soccer socks to cover them. Sneakers are okay, but cleats provide better traction. We will supply a shirt – but please remember that it can be very chilly at the field so layered dressing is suggested. In our experience there is always about 20* differential at the field (Riley Field) than at home!!!! Cold days are colder and hot days are hotter! Please bring a water for your child.

If you choose to buy your child a ball – Size 3 is the appropriate size ball for this age group. You do not need to bring it to the field, but if you want to, I suggest that you put your name on it so that it won’t get lost.