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Executive Board

  • President                                           John Olohan
  • Treasurer                                           Rich Myers 
  • Secretary                                           Julie Clark
  • Purchasing                                         Open
  • Referee Coordinator (WTS)               Julie Clark

All Programs

  • Director of Coaching                          Mike Rugnetta

WYS Recreational Soccer

  • Co-Directors                                     Avery Sousa / Justin Keating
  • CORI Administrator                          Phil Massano
  • Registrar                                          Marco Giorvannangelo
  • Referee Coordinator (WYS)            John Burns
  • Sponsor Coordinator                       Alison White
  • Additional Board Members:

Weymouth Travel Soccer   (Weymouth Soccer Club)

  • Club Director:                                 Mark Kelly     
  • Boys Grade 5/6+ Coordinator:       Chris McLeod
  • Girls Grade 5/6+ Coordinator:        Fran Palmer
  • Boys Grade 3/4 Coordinator:         Chris McLeod
  • Girls Grade 3/4 Coordinator:         Denise Gerbrands                            
  • u10 Referee Assignor:                   Julie Clark         
  • Travel Registrar:                            Kellie Krawciw
  • At Large:                                        Karen O'Brien